Latitude 64 Luxury E4 Bag Blå

Luxury Bag

As the name indicates, the bag is luxurious. The Luxury Bag is made to carry 20-30 discs if all compartments are used. There is room for everything you need for a Disc Golf tournament and it fits perfectly on your back. The ultimate backpack from Latitude 64°.

latitude 64 luxury e4 backpack blue right

Core Bag Pro

The Core Bag Pro hits the golden "sweet spot" of capacity versus ease of use. With the ergonomic design, you keep the weight close and high on the back. It is more robust and has more space than the Core bag, but much lighter than the Luxury Bag.

latitude 64 core pro bag red right
Latitude 64 Core Bag Disc Golf Taske

Core Bag

The Core Bag is lightweight, slim, affordable and will hold everything needed for a Disc Golf round. This beginner-friendly backpack can hold up to 18 discs in the main compartment and 2 putters in the upper compartment. The light weight and slim profile are good for your back and will strengthen your persistence on the court.

latitude 64 core bag black right
Latitude 64 Swift Bag Pattern Disc Golf Taske


The best beginner-friendly backpack on the market. At that price level, it has a fantastic quality. Using a backpack like Disc Golf bag is just better for the back. The Swift Backpack contains everything you need for your Disc Golf trips, without digging a hole in your wallet.

Practice Bag

Ready to improve your Disc Golf skills? Latitude 64° Practice Bag is the best Disc Golf bag for storing your discs. It can store up to 45 disks and possibly more, depending on the variety of putters, midrange and drivers. Get out with all your discs and hone your skills with the Latitude 64° Practice Bag!

Latitude 64 Practice Bag Disc Golf Taske
Latitude 64 Slim Bag Disc Golf Taske

Slim Bag

This is the bag for players who want something functional to put a small number of discs in. A starter bag that can hold up to 8 discs and a drinking bottle. Indispensable at the start of one's Disc Golf adventure.

latitude 64 slim bag red front