In our design of Disc Golf courses, the focus is on nature, safety, user-friendliness, the degree of difficulty, and of course the overall experience.

Our qualified designers are experienced players and designers who throughout their Disc Golf careers have played hundreds of different holes and experienced many different course designs. Based on the knowledge and experience that our designers have, they are highly qualified to be able to design a course with a professional angle with regard to players at all levels while focusing on the other users of the area.

Sundeved Efterskole Disc Golf Bane
Middelfart Gym Disc Golf Bane
Aarhus Hostel Disc Golf Bane
Højby Disc Golf Bane
Ensted Disc Golf Bane

With a good and well-thought-out design, it is possible to make the course suitable so that both beginners and professional players will feel challenged and safe on the course.

Our professional designers strive to make the most of nature's diverse obstacles and know exactly which trees and shrubs need to be pruned if necessary to get the best and most interesting holes.

A careful review, mapping of holes and logical design will of course require more time, but the design costs should not be downgraded, as careful course design will have great benefits for nature, safety around the course, ease of use and finding the right level of difficulty for the course.