Do you want a new disc golf course?

  1. Find 1-3 suitable areas
  2. Get in touch with municipality, school, course center etc.
  3. Investigate funding opportunities - either through the municipality or fundraising
  4. Create a project description with an estimated time schedule
  5. Disc golf course design
  6. Approval of project incl. financing
  7. Ordering equipment
  8. course upkeep, pruning, mowing etc.
  9. Establishment of the course
  10. Opening event
Martin Spliid - Frisbeesport
ProBasket Elite top


Baskets are the most important part of a FrisbeeGolf course. The Latitude 64° FrisbeeGolf baskets have the highest standard and is approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association, PDGA, for competition level. The basket is painted yellow to distinguish it as much as possible from the surrounding landscape such as trees, shrubs etc. and thereby be able to navigate through the course as easily as possible.

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The information board is the first information the players encounter when they arrive at the Disc Golf course. The information board is a guide for players and also other users of the area.

Tee signs are located in a prominent position in the immediate vicinity of the tee pad on each hole.

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Kunstgræs Teemåtte 2x2

Tee pads

Artificial turf tees are the new standard for tee spots on Disc Golf courses. Tee mats from Latitude 64° help the player to significantly improve the execution of the throw and reduce the risk of injury.

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Course Design

Our professional designers strive to make the most of nature's diverse obstacles and know exactly which trees and shrubs need to be pruned if necessary to get the best and most interesting holes.

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Infotavle Disc Golf Bane


Establishing a Disc Golf course is a one-time investment, after which it only needs to be maintained by mowing and pruning trees and shrubs. Economically, a Disc Golf course is cheap to establish compared to other sports facilities such as basketball court, tennis court, etc.

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