The information board is the first information the players encounter when they arrive at the Disc Golf course. The information board is a guide for players and not least other users of the area. The information board contains information about rules, the design of the course and general guidelines for disc golf. The information board is located in a prominent position near the first hole of the course and at all the entrances of the park, so that other users notice it. The sign is E-zinc galvanized with powder coated metal frame in yellow. 2 size options; Standard and Large. Standard: Width 117 cm, Height 220 cm. The sign is 105 x 70 cm. Large: Width 197 cm, Height 277 cm. The sign is 186 x 115 cm. The sign is installed with either concrete or earth screws in the ground.

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Info Board


Tee signs are located in a prominent position in the immediate vicinity of the tee pad on each hole. 

The signs contain the necessary information about the hole to be played. The tee sign states the hole number, the pair of holes, the length of the hole, and special remarks such as specific throwing directions, trees, shrubs, lakes, etc.

  • E-zinc galvanized with powder coated metal frame in yellow.
  • Height of about 800 mm from the ground.
  • Sign size: 28 × 40 cm.

Installed in a separate concrete foot or ground spike in the ground.
Both information board and tee signs can be ordered in different colors.

The more markings there are on the course, the better the experience for the players, while other users of the area also have the opportunity to be informed about the course.

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